2021-05-10 10:56:44
Great Morning NV community. I am day 10 into the challenge feeling motivated! I missed the beginning of glute camp sat so I am going all in on the replay today!
Halani Lobdell: Let’s go!!
2021-05-07 16:37:49
Avocado bowl with no rice no taco shell. Lunch had to be on the go today!
BodyNV Manager : This look sooooo good!
2021-05-06 22:45:12
Day 6
I was able to get some additional cardio in tonight. Workout was sweatband approved. Water and protein today I have been so busy all day.
BodyNV Manager : Love too see it !
2021-05-06 11:54:58
Great Morning NV Gang! This morning’s stats! I only had 45 min before getting the kids to school. I will get some cardio in this afternoon.
BodyNV Manager : 💪🏽💪🏽
Natalie Holland: What are the ?for? I a newbie sorry.
2021-05-05 14:33:57
45 min cardio with some yoga today. This is my Fitbit wasn’t charged face. It still counts look at the glisten y’all. Happy Wednesday!! ❤️
BodyNV Manager : 😂😩The struggle
Donna Corley: Fitbit wasnt charges face...love it!
2021-05-04 21:34:19
Dinner tonight with just a touch of olive oil and Garlic.
Donna Corley: Im about to look for these. When I do it at home doesnt always turn out.
BodyNV Manager : Was it good?!
Natalie Holland: I cook them like a sauté so they have a bit of a crunch! Love it as an edit while the kids eats pasta.
2021-05-03 20:28:50
Evening NV Gang! Grilled Mahi Mahi fish tacos, avocado chunks with a cabbage leaf as the taco shell!
I was too excited to get the photo but the edit for the tortilla is what I like best.
What is in your skillet tonight?
Donna Corley: Salmon and fresh asparagus!
Frances Hunt: Grilled chicken rice and veggies. Today was my carb day!
Halani Lobdell: That sounds amazing!!
2021-05-03 12:12:29
Cardio done
BodyNV Manager : Love the stair master!!!
2021-05-03 12:02:46
How do we link for nutrition training?
Frances Hunt: Go to the drop down menu on the top of the page and select LIVE STREAM, from there select past broadcast and you’ll see that and others.
Natalie Holland: Thank You!
BodyNV Manager : Thank you hunt
2021-05-03 11:17:11
Here is breakfast.
4oz egg white heirlooms and some seasoning. I will also have a protein shake in about 20 min!
BodyNV Manager : Never thought to out tomatoes!!
Natalie Holland: It gives me more flavor with egg whites kinda like salsa!